Go from Boring to Spectacular with these tips:

  • Nothing sets off a backyard design like a mixture of fire and water, mixing both firepits and  water features adds an element of yin – yang drama that works beautifully together.
  • Work with those slopes and hills in your yard and utilize drought-tolerant plants that will get a lot more sunlight.
  • Try a new infinity edge design coy pond to give your landscape a truly unique look.
  • Keeping the size of your patio to a functional minimum will help to decrease the heat produced during those hot summer months.
  • Plants can help cool a space by evaporating moisture. Placing plants around your outdoor living spaces can help to cool an area as much as 15 degrees. Works especially well around a pergola.
  • If you are working with a small space try utilizing different shades of green and avoid using a lot of other color to give your small space the feel of a larger more relaxing space.


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For more tips and tricks from other landscape designers please visit HGTV.com/landscaping.