Summer Care

With summer heat coming and vacations coming to mind, you might be worried about protecting your landscaping from the heat and while you are away. Watering doesn’t have to be complicated, but it is made more difficult in this summer heat.

Follow these tips to keep your garden looking beautiful during the summer:

  • Make sure you keep your weeds under control as they will steal key nutrients and moisture from your plants
  • When you do some weeding, be sure to not water too soon after as this will only help your weeds re-root.
  • Brief watering will only wet the upper inch or so of soil. This is not substantial enough to protect your garden during a sudden hot spell or while you are away on vacation.
  • During dry periods, one thorough watering each week of one to two inches of moisture is usually enough. The soil should be thoroughly wetted and shouldn’t be watered again until the top few inches dry out.
  • Be careful with any watering system that wets the plant leaves and leaves them wet overnight as this can increase the chance of disease damage. Try to only water during the early morning or early evening.

Follow these simple tips and help your garden flourish this summer. Do you have any questions or tips of your own about plant care? Feel free to leave a comment and we’ll get back to you.