Front Landscaping Ideas

Here is a list of great things to consider when you are thinking about sprucing up your front yard.

1. Consider utilizing geometric shaped gardens in front. Triangle shaped garden beds work well to bring your vision into the house and the surrounding landscaping adding interest to the border of the front yard.

2. Make an entrance along your walkways and paths to your front door. That I’m home feeling doesn’t have to start only when you enter that door. It should start the moment you step foot on your well traveled pathway. Outline the path in a mixture of plants all the way to your front door, or the steps of your porch.

3. Consider going with Window Boxes in the front windows and plant a color of plant that will complements the color of your home.

4. Plant Coral Honeysuckle. This perennial plant has a long bloom time and is fragrant enough to perfume your whole garden. They also will grow around a trellis well and attract hummingbirds.

5. Make sure to consider maintenance requirements. You can choose from a very low maintenance design around your front entrance that includes Potato Vine or Green Sheen or higher maintenance more intricate designs with numerous plant varieties.

We hope that these tips help inspire you for your front yard landscaping. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to comment and someone at Tucker and Associates will get back to you.