Enlighten Your Guests BEFORE the Heat Arrives! Tips to getting an early start on your next landscape lighting project

If you are like most Texans, you are probably trying to survive the dead of winter, and the last thing on your mind is a spring landscaping project. One of the great myths of landscaping is that the spring is the best time to begin new projects. Unfortunately, this is somewhat of a false statement. The best time to begin thinking and planning your outdoor project is actually now, a time right before spring hits. Landscape lighting is a great example of this. In Longview, TX as March and the warmer weather quickly approaches, homeowners are ready to get outside and sit under the ambiance of beautiful lighting and a crisp night sky. But if the proper lighting isn’t already in place, the mood can go awry and the opportunity for enjoyment missed.

With warmer temperatures quickly approaching, homeowners should begin thinking about how and where they want to improve their outdoor lighting before the heat takes over. In addition, many homeowners become hyperfocused on the vegetation aspect of the yard, but forget about how important good lighting is. Doing a little research and legwork ensures you will be sitting on a well-lit patio instead of in a dark space because you waited.

Here are some ideas to get the creative juices flowing:

Nighttime Curb Appeal

Think about how your house looks at night. Many homeowners start to come out of hibernation at the beginning of March. If you have a beautiful entrance but no lighting, you may want to consider a low-voltage landscape lighting option to add just the right amount of illumination to your home. These can be added in your landscaping, along your pathways, walkways and trees. If paths lead naturally from the front of the house to the backyard, these paths should be lit not only for aesthetics, but for safety too.

Backyard Additions

If you have a backyard worthy of an early season BBQ or dinner outdoors, think about adding additional lights that enhance the back area of the house. This can be lighting that resides inside the pool, along the fence and stonewalls, or throughout your outdoor kitchen.

Get Creative

When thinking about landscape lighting, do not assume this ends in a bed near your rosebushes. There are some gorgeous lighting fixtures available today that can make a backyard truly beautiful. Custom outdoor chandeliers for the gazebo or outdoor kitchen, and unique doorway fixtures can bring style and class to an otherwise boring backyard. A good landscape architect can tie these fixtures in with the rest of the yard creating a unique charm with an elegant appeal.

Choosing the Right Lights

One of our favorite brands to install is Kichler—a brand that has been around for decades offering reliable and unique lighting for Longview homeowners. Many of their outdoor lighting options are affordable and easy to add, even if you have landscaping already established or are on a strict budget.

With Kichler lightings, our customers are able to:

• Design an outdoor landscaping creation that fits their unique style
• Choose from countless finishes and collections
• Keep within budget due to a large number of options
• Choose between LED, various power factors, and temperature controlled systems
• Utilize safe and reliable lighting year round
• Stay energy efficient with well-designed and proven lighting systems

Tucker and associates understands the importance of good lighting for both inside and OUTSIDE of the home. Before you become inundated with your planting and yard work projects, get your landscape lighting installed and out of the way so you can be ready to entertain the moment spring arrives.

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