Top 5 Winter Landscaping ideas

The winter landscaping around a home, or a few feet from a home, helps to minimize the cold drafts and/or possible harsh winds of a winter storm. While that is a huge plus for any homeowner the additional benefit of a winter landscape is the touch of color.


Traditionally the evergreens are known as pine and spruce trees. These mighty trees typically survive harsh drought conditions and then the cold winter conditions, adding deep greens to the urban areas. Another evergreen though (largely forgotten) the ivy. Ivy can be trained to grow where an individual wants it to flourish. The ivy provides great ground cover and green touch to a winter landscape. 


Berry trees have deep red or even orange berries that feed the winter birds and other animals. Of course the majority of the berry trees produce during the winter which is why they are included on the list. Anything in the hawthorn family, a.k.a. holly tree, is a berry tree. Another tree that keeps on being vibrant during the winter, after harvest in early to late autumn, the apple tree. 


Right up until the first harsh freeze of the season, the oak leaf hydrangea is largely vibrant as apart of the winter landscape. The plant is not blooming any longer during the winter season; however, the stalks of the oak leaf hydrangea start to look like that of the paper bark from a maple tree giving the winter landscape a different look. 

Planting Vegetables

Yes planting vegetables during the early parts of the winter months is possible outside and inside. Apparently, the best time broccoli, cauliflower, and beetroot is right before the first frost/freeze. This will allow Mother Nature to do her thing in nurturing the seeds for a good crop in early spring.


What would a winter landscape be without a poinsettia? This is a festive plant that is found in the color of red, pink, and white during the holiday season. While the yard and other areas of the yard are spicing up or keeping down the harsh wind, try keeping a poinsettia on the porch for when it’s time to have the family over. It’ll just be something different and beautiful to say “hello!” 

By RachelR from List my