Spring Time in East Texas

As winter passes, spring brings growth and the time to start considering your landscaping. It’s time to rack the leaves and clean things up and consider what you want to do different this year. This is the time to make changes to your garden and landscaping. Perhaps you are considering a new walkway or patio area. Tucker and Associates can help you get this spring started right. 

 To prep for any new additions or changes it is good to work on what already exists. Remove those leaves and dead branches. Rack out the garden beds so that new growth is not inhibited by coverage. Push back any perennials that have heaved due to frost. Any ornamental grasses or perennials should be cut back before signs of new growth. Make sure to consider fertilizer for any woody plants and summer flowering shrubs should be pruned in preparation. After you’ve cleaned things up.. it is time to start considering what else you’d like to add or change. If you live in the East Texas area, Tucker and Associates are always on hand to help you plan for that addition or complete remodel.