Retainer Walls

Tucker and Associates Custom Retainer Walls 

Since 1975 Tucker and Associates has established a standard of excellence and innovation within the retainer wall industry. Tucker and Associates sets the standard in soil retention, erosion control, and landscape systems that also aesthetic value to your design. 
Tucker and Associates have been designing and installing retaining walls for our residential and commerical clients throughout the East Texas area (Including Longview, Tyler and Sulphur Springs). Retaining walls are often build for landscapes that are slopping or uneven. They serve to hold the soil in place and stop ground movement. Retaining walls also allow you to use otherwise useless plots of your landscape. 
Retainer walls eliminate the natural effects of ground movement from earth movement, and erosion from rain runoff. At Tucker and Associates we will custom design a retainer wall that is ideal for your property. 

Retaining Wall Materials

Retainer walls can be constructed with a variety of materials. Some of the more popular materials include natural stone, bricks, timber, concrete blocks, keystone blocks and stucco. Tucker and Associates has constructed many walls for various applications and landscaping. 
Our experience, professional designers will help you choose the right material for the retaining wall custom designed to meet your specific needs.

Custom Wall Designs 

There are many codes and standards when building a retaining wall over a certain height in a residential area.

Here at Tucker and Associates we will make sure to follow all local standards during the custom design process as well as the professional installation.  

One of our professional designers will come to your site to get exact measurements and assess all the important elements and needs to best recommend the best design and material for your wall. We will guide and work with you during the entire process from design to construction. Contact Tucker and Associates by clicking here, or navigating to our contact page and filling out the contact form.