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Brent Tucker - Tucker and Associates

Brent Tucker (Designer & Licensed Irrigator #20477, Backflow #BP0016454)

Brent’s journey in the realm of landscape architecture commenced with his graduation from Texas Tech University in 2005, where he attained a Bachelor’s degree in the field. Armed with a potent blend of academic knowledge and practical experience, he embarked on a collaborative venture with his father at Tucker & Associates.

From the outset, Brent brought a spark of creativity that infused every project with a unique and captivating aesthetic. Brent’s contributions extended beyond mere creativity; he introduced a modern, efficient approach to our operations, revolutionizing our processes and enhancing our competitiveness in the market.

A pivotal aspect of Brent’s modernization efforts lay in his proficiency with CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software. With his adeptness in utilizing this technology, he not only streamlined their design process but also enhanced the presentation of their concepts to potential clients. Through intricate digital renderings and precise modeling, Brent transformed abstract ideas into tangible visions that resonated with clients, facilitating clearer communication and fostering stronger relationships.

Brent’s journey from university graduate to integral member of Tucker & Associates epitomizes the power of talent, dedication, and innovation in shaping success. His commitment to pushing boundaries and embracing modern tools has not only propelled the business forward but has also solidified his reputation as a visionary leader in the field of landscape architecture.

Michael Haught (Licensed Irrigator LI0023236)

Michael’s journey following his graduation from Texas Tech University in 2008 has been one marked by continuous growth and dedication to his craft. Armed with the knowledge and skills acquired during his academic years, Michael embarked ...

Dick Tucker - Tucker and Associates

Dick Tucker (Owner / GM)

In 1974 Dick resigned from a marketing position with IBM, borrowed Uncle Jimmy’s truck, and teamed up with SFA fraternity brother, Klip Morefield, to start Sun Valley Landscape, Inc. (SVL) in Houston. While Dick’s knowledge was limited i...

Leobardo - Tucker and Associates

Leobardo Martinez (Crew Leader)

Leobardo joined the Tucker and Associates staff in 2006. After serving as a supervisor for a large East Texas irrigation company. His infectious work ethic and positive attitude is unparalleled in our industry. Leobardo’s...

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