2012 – Words from the Whispering Crane

Well what’s going to happen this year? The housing market seems to be recovering in a few areas but most areas the market is still depressed and most folks see no sign of an upturned market.


If folks do not believe there house is going to appreciate or at least stay at least level there will not be much enthusiasm to put money in those backyards which means no money in our pockets for sure.


We can only hope for a bottoming out of the market and a real start to the rise in the unemployment numbers putting Americans back to work, and a more positve outlook on the future.


Good luck to us all and to those in those pockets where there is some recovery go get ‘em, hit it hard and be thankful you are in the right place at what is a wrong time for the rest of us.


The rest of us will just continue to work hard, hope for the best just power through and have a good 2012.